Fenixium - a new way to compete and interact with other Gamers ! 

Fenixium is an all-in-one platform offering a one-button solution for anyone to create and participate in gaming contests based on Highlights, Clips, and Images.

With Fenixium, you don't need to be an esport based game to host events or tournaments. Also,
you don't need to be a Pro gamer to earn money and prizes.

Just submit great moments that you had while playing your preferred game and start earning money !





1- What do I gain as a Contest Creator or a Host ?

- Creating contests on Fenixium is completely Free.
- Creating Contests on Fenixium helps you promote your product for free to a new big gaming community (Participants and Voters)
- If you are for example someone that want to help new streamers and don't know to who, you can host a contest on Fenixium and gift the winner. 
- Contests are based on Twitch Clips, Youtube Highlights and Images.
- There are lot of options when creating contests (IP based votes, automatique moderation ..) 
2 - What do I gain as a Participant ?
- Participating in contests on Fenixium is completely Free.
- Once you participate you have a chance to win the prize that the contest owner is offering. 
- Either you win or lose, you will gain new viewers and interactions on your channel or videos. 
3 - What do I gain as a Voters / Watcher?
- You earn credit and coins each time you interact on the website by a vote or comment.
- You can redeem your coins on our marketplace. 



In the end, considering all the happenings in the world today, Fenixium is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

We're just excited for all the good that will come from this.